Expert Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

Display Advertising 

The Google Display network is made up of millions of placements. Finding the right placements can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. We use highly targeted strategies to deliver the best branding or ROI for you, using:

  • Themes and topics to find relevant placements
  • Demographic targets using age/gender
  • Interest baed targeting to reach your audience

Local Advertising

If you have a high street presence or only want to target visitors nearby, then local advertising is for you. There have been many improvements in this area including:

  • Precise targeting by county, city, or within a specific radius of your premises
  • Different ad copy for visitors searching from mobile devices (more likely to visit in store)
  • ​Reach local customers on Google maps

Shopping Campaigns

Previously known as product listing ads (PLAs), shopping campaigns are a key component of any e-commerce strategy. These require a product feed into your Merchant Center which then drives the wording and images displayed in your ads. Advanced targeting is then available using:

  • Product targeting and bidding
  • ​Effective promotional text
  • Customised bidding strategies

Remarketing Campaigns

Many website visitors do not convert on their first visit and remarketing campaigns allow you to re-advertise to these visitors. This provides many exciting possibilities, for example: 

  • Re-engage visitors who abandoned their basket with a special discount code
  • Up-selling additional products based on previous purchases
  • Reach visitors within a specific time period who download a catalogue or white paper​


YouTube Advertising 

YouTube is a very specific part of the Google Display network. Owned by Google, it offers many additional ways to reach your customers while actively engaged with video content. 

  • You only pay per view (30 secs. or more) of your video
  • Demographic targeting using themes, topics, age, and gender
  • Many possibilities for increasing brand awareness 

PPC Management

Good account structure is key to any successful paid search campaign. Through many years of experience we carefully research keywords that are relevant to your business and ensure these trigger compelling ad copy. We then optimise campaigns on a daily basis to:

  • Improve the cost per click you pay
  • Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  • ​Maximise quality score (Google's measure of relevance)