Google Analytics

  • The more complex solution but also the most sophisticated
  • Provides information about where all your visitors are coming from
  • Ideal if you're interested in the entire flow of customers through your site, not just conversions
  • Can include conversions from non-AdWords sources, so it is great for comparing all of your marketing channels

Conversion Tracking and Google Analytics

Expert Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

AdWords Conversion Tracking

  • A simpler solution, but which provides less information about where your clicks are coming from
  • Ideal if you are only interested in measuring conversions
  • Only tracks what your AdWords visitors are doing

Whatever you do online, correct tracking is essential to know how each of your marketing activities are performing. There are two main options available depending on your requirements - Google AdWords conversion tracking or Google Analytics. The product that's best for you depends on the size of your business and your goals. You can use either of these products or both at the same time - they won't interfere with each other. We have plenty of experience of both tools and can help to implement and configure either product.